Parent Reviews

Parent Reviews

We encourage feedback from everyone. Here are some comments we have received in the past.


Thank you so much for the tour yesterday! I appreciate how much information you gave me, and also appreciate you giving me a tour of the entire facility 🙂 I was very impressed with your facility. I spoke with my husband and he definitely wants to come take a “quick tour”/nothing too much in detail! Figured I wouldn’t call you this early, i am sure you’re busy with getting the day started and i just started work. If him and I were to come by sometime this week-what is the latest time that we can come by? He is trying to figure out time with his work, figured we would ask ahead of time, if you could email me back a time that’d be great and then i will give ya a call when i have a sec to set up a time!

Again, Thank you so much!

Our daughter has attended End of the Rainbow for almost 2 years, since she was 2 1/2. They have excellent curriculum and the teachers are intelligent and caring. The playground is awesome. We love that there is a separate Pre-K from Preschool age class, helping our daughter prep for Kindergarten. For example, she gets to sign-in her first and last name every day in a special journal. The kids have also been on lots of field trips, including HyVee, the fire station, bus station, and Walk About Acres farm. The rooms are clean (and smell clean!) and have plenty for the kids to do. We’d recommend Rainbow to anyone looking for childcare in Columbia.

I think it’s safe to say that becoming a new parent is rollercoaster of emotions. In the middle of all the changes lies the concern of finding someone to watch your child during the day while you move forward with your career. My husband and I began searching for childcare five months before our son was born. We looked at multiple centers as well as several in-home options. End of the Rainbow was, by far, the most welcoming and informational. Nikki Reynolds, director of EOTR, answered all of my questions and allowed me to tour each room, as well as meet her staff.

My first day back to work was emotional, but the infant room staff was understanding and encouraged me to call or stop by anytime…which I did. Our son has attended EOTR Preschool for two years now and we are impressed with his development and social skills. The level of care that he receives is phenomenal. It is such a blessing for my husband and me to know that while we are at work, he is learning and growing in a safe and nurturing environment.

As a stay-at-home mother by day and management professional by night for 5 years, it was both exciting and difficult for me to switch jobs and work the normal 8 – 5 shift, leaving my oldest at school and my youngest in childcare. I visited 8 – 10 different childcare centers in Columbia, and found only two in which I could even consider sending my daughter. Our choice firmly rested with End of the Rainbow, a decision I have never had second thoughts about and will never regret. Our daughter has flourished in the environment provided by the staff at EOR. They truly care about each child’s well-being, social growth and educational head start. I don’t worry about my daughter during the course of the day because I am confident in her care and safety. The staff loves what they do and it shows. My daughter loves to play with her friends, show me what she has learned and spend time with her teachers. I would recommend EOR to any parent looking for quality, affordable and educational childcare. At End of the Rainbow, you’re family.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmail