Arrival and P...

Arrival and Pick-Up

We do not allow any child to leave the center with anyone than the child’s parent or persons listed on the enrollment form. If there is anyone other than you picking up your child, the center must be notified. When dropping off your child, personally bring him/her into the building, sign him/her in and make contact with the teacher. Likewise, when picking up your child let the teacher know that you and your child are leaving and sign him/her out. Please check your child’s cubby every day. Information from teachers, the director, newsletters and children’s work are placed in the cubby.

If your child will not be in attendance please call and let your child’s teacher know. Also, if we pick-up your child from public school we must be notified if she/he will not need to be picked up. There is a $2.00 late fee for every 2 minutes after 5:45. Please make sure to pick your child up on time. Thank you!

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